Freestanding Brochure & Magazine Display

In late November we were commissioned to design and manufacture this alluring freestanding brochure & magazine display for one of our clients. After a few sketches and back-and-forthing we decided on concept, material, size and a delivery date. We completed it with three days to spare and smiles were felt through the phone. The most amazing thing about the whole production aspect was; the two departments that spent most time taking it from flat pieces of MDF and acrylic to a standing perfection were so proud of the final piece, they wanted their pictures taken beside it for show-and-tell. We obliged.


Leap Frog header for Toys R Us – Printed on our M-Press Tiger

This very colorful eye-catching LeapFrog header was Printed, Manufactured, and Installed by Middleton Group Inc. As you can see, this very attractive piece will no doubt enhance the already well-designed and freshly launched LeapPad2 presence - See it in Toys R Us.