Social Media and Visual Merchandising: 3 Ways to Connect Traditional Merchandising to Your Online Presence

More and more consumers today find new products and trends online, and many use mobile devices while shopping in stores. Take advantage of these trends by ensuring that your brand’s online presence is front and centre by connecting social media and visual merchandising in the retail storefront.

As shoppers turn to Facebook friends, online influencers and brand websites for information, create conversation around your product by connecting your old word retail displays to new world advertising methods.

Use Retail Displays to Build Online Followers

As sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest grow in popularity, successful businesses are integrating traditional advertising with digital marketing strategies.

Just as stores entice consumers with eye-catching window displays, you can draw in buyers by creating an online storefront through a strong presence with social media and visual merchandising. Social media is an efficient form of advertising, allowing you to easily connect with buyers, build a dialogue and create familiarity and trust around your product.

Tie your social media strategy to your in-store advertising by including Facebook and Twitter information on in-store displays and signage. Of course, while shoppers today are technology-savvy, they’re also busy, so a strong call-to-action makes it more likely consumers will connect with you online.

This is where the QR code comes in. This simple printed picture box allows mobile users to quickly and easily connect with you online while standing in the store. You can turn your QR code into a Facebook “like” so that scanning the code results in an automatic “like.” Or use the same strategy for Twitter or any other social media sites.

And what call-to-action is most likely to get them scanning that QR code? Recent studies show that customers want discounts and other offers most. Of course, a tantalizing contest never hurt either.

Social Media and Visual Merchandising - Turn Your Retail Display Into a Knowledgeable Employee

If you’ve ever stood around a store waiting for a salesperson to come along (and who hasn’t?) you know how frustrating it can be. With things to do and places to be, many consumers will walk away from your product if help doesn’t arrive in good time.

Couple that with the fact that employees in large retail stores aren’t likely to be experts in every single product, and you need a different solution for today’s savvy shoppers.

Whether it’s nutrition information for your organic fruit bars or the specs on your life-changing new cell phone, offer the consumer a helping hand by including a QR code on your visual merchandising that links to the appropriate product features and information on your website.

Open Your Product Catalogue to Consumers

If shelf space dictates that you can only sell a fraction of your products in the store, create an endless aisle by linking up mobile-carrying consumers with your full online catalogue. Simply encode your website’s URL on a QR Code to send consumers directly to your full range of product offerings.

Make it more likely that shoppers will visit your site by enticing them with fun invitations. A record label might tantalize shoppers with “See our top-selling albums of all-time” or “See this week’s top 10 albums,” for example.

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