Our Design Process – How We Bring Your Vision to Life

Our people make the difference. At Middleton Group, our design process allows our expert team to work closely with clients to ensure that their retail merchandising displays are exactly as they envisioned them to be. Maybe better.

Our team of resourceful designers has created top-notch displays for a diverse range of clients, from financial institutions to fashion and beauty companies. Here’s a quick look at how we bring our clients’ visions to life.

What Do We Need From You?

All of the retail display design that we create is brand-driven. To begin the design process, our team requires the client’s marketing collateral - company logos, product packaging, graphics and anything else you think is important. We partner with the client to ensure we know all we need to know about their brand. Without these assets, our team relies on the web and in-store research.

“We consult closely with our clients from the beginning of the design process,” says Middleton Group Creative Director Tony Spagnolo. “We often meet at our facility so we can show examples of projects we have already done and the variety of materials available. We also often meet right at the retail store to review options and issues that will affect the display.”

Of course, before we can begin, we need to know where the display is going to be placed. Display programs are typically driven by the retailer and the specific area of the store where the display will end up. Generally, the four key areas for retail displays are:

  • End cap (the end of the aisle)
  • On shelf/on wall (in the aisle)
  • Floor display (free standing display)
  • On counter (typically for smaller products such as cosmetics)

“Where the display will be placed determines the scale,” notes Spagnolo. “Some retailers have very strict guidelines on the scale of in-store displays.”

What You Can Expect From Us

When our initial research is complete, our design team develops basic sketches for internal use. We then turn to 3D modelling software to provide nearly photorealistic renderings. These images Western union money order give the client an accurate representation of what the display will look like once it’s built.

Together, our design team and our clients go through revisions (sometimes many of them) until the 3D renderings match the client’s vision and budget. Once our client is satisfied, we build an initial prototype. When the prototype is approved, we begin to engineer the unit for full production.

Budget Considerations

We know that budget is always an important factor. Your budget determines what kind of materials we can use in the display and just how much of an impact it will make. The quantity of displays you wish to produce also affects budget.

“The quantity is important because it affects the economy of scale, meaning the more displays you buy, the better the unit cost,” points out Spagnolo. “The quantity also affects the manufacturing method. When the volume of displays is higher, it allows for more efficient production methods, such as thermoforming (vacuum forming), injection molding and die-cutting.”


The amount of time we can dedicate to a project is another key factor that influences the end design. If your timeline is extremely tight, we suggest that you provide us with as much information as possible at the start of the process. With appropriate directions and marketing collateral, we can minimize our research and get started quicker.

“Although this seems like a long process, often we are dealing with extremely aggressive timelines,” says Spagnolo. “This entire design process can range from a few hours to a few weeks.”

What Our Design Process Entails

With this great design process, our dedicated team has developed many stunning designs for all types of retail merchandising products, including point-of-purchase displays and permanent, semi-permanent or temporary promotional displays or retail fixtures.

Call us today to discuss how we can bring your core values, culture and goals to life with powerful designs that are sure to connect with your target audience.

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