The Middleton Advantage

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ASUS Zen Watch Display and Router Display - Designed and Manufactured by Middleton Group

Middleton Group is very excited to welcome a new client ASUS computers. Over the last few months Asus challenged us with 2 projects. The first project was the ASUS ZenWatch 2 Display for Best Buy Canada, faced with extremely tight deadlines, Middleton Group design and delivered the units across Canada completely installed with functioning product and security alarm units, by completely developing this project in-house, ASUS quickly realized the advantage of Middleton's experience and capabilities. This led directly to the the development of the ASUS RT-AC5300 Router Display for Staples Canada, faced with similar deadlines, Middleton Group delivered over 300 units to Staples, complete with an illuminated header, which was screen printed in our Print facility.

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