How Custom Retail Purchase Displays Provides the “Wow” Factor That Makes Your Product Stand Out

As a product marketer, you have just a few seconds to catch a shopper’s attention before they swim on into a sea of other products. That being the case, should you entrust your product to an off-the-shelf retail display or spring for a custom display tailored to your specific needs?

Consider this. Research from the Point of Purchase Association International (POPAI) suggests that a minimum of 70% of product selection decisions are made in the store. Another POPAI study of the effectiveness of point of purchase displays found that, for all brands tested, the presence of a display yielded sales increases, many of them significant.

“Product seen is product sold,” says Middleton Group creative director Tony Spagnolo. “Drawing attention to a product in a visually attractive way can turn browsing into buying.”

Canadian malls and big box stores are a giant success by international standards, with average sales of $680 a square foot per year, according to The Globe and Mail. By comparison, the American average was $420 in 2009.

In other words, if you have access to profitable retail space, use it wisely. While an off-the-shelf solution can provide you with a quick and dirty answer for your marketing needs, custom displays convey that “wow” factor that makes your product stand out from the rest.

Eye-catching point of purchase displays or counter top displays near the cash register have attracted many an impulse buyer. A custom display puts your company name front and centre, highlights your product’s main features and selling points and allows you to convey special offers and social media presence. The use of corporate colours and logos builds familiarity and comfort with your brand. A custom display also means you can gear your marketing to your specified target audience.

A POPAI report on display design trends points out that a great retail display conveys the essence of your product using tricks like engagement and expansion. A toy display topped by a hands-on electronic toy encourages kids to test out the product right in the store. Engaging your audience isn’t just kid stuff, though. How many adults have tested out the latest laptop or cell phone right from the display? An expanding display takes up both vertical and horizontal space, reaching out to grab the shopper’s attention. It could be something like a fixed bike to sit on or a dance pad on the ground.

An effective custom display increases the perceived value of your product, making it attractive to shoppers and persuading them to part with their hard-earned money a little more easily.

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