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10 Retail Display Designs We Love From Around The Globe

We’ve been creating retail display designs and fixtures a long time, so you’ll have to excuse the Middleton Group team for being a bit obsessed with retail merchandising design. In fact, you could say we live and breathe retail displays and signage. We want to bring our clients the latest creative concepts and that means…
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Getting An Accurate Printing Estimate: What We Need From You

For an accurate printing estimate there are several important elements that go into creating an outstanding retail merchandising display. Quality material, effective printing equipment, great design, a knowledgeable team of printing professionals - these are crucial to the success of your retail signage. And let’s not forget price - for today’s cost-conscious companies, price is…
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Effective Store Displays: Top 5 Ways To Engage the Ad-weary Consumer

With the astounding number of advertisements vying for consumer attention today, effective store displays are a crucial tool for any business that wants their product or service to stand out from the rest. And what business doesn’t? When you’re creating point-of-purchase-displays, you no doubt hope to engage passersby and create curiosity about your product. You…
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