Office Floating Frames – Simply Exquisite!!

Exp Global Inc. (over 130 locations across North America)

These magnificent floating frames were designed, manufactured and first installed at Exp Global Inc. corporate office in Brampton, Ontario. The impact was so overwhelming a decision was quickly made to rollout in their major offices across Canada, six per office.

Each frame measures 36” x 48” and made of .125” thick clear polished edge tempered glass.

We’re showcasing only two of the full set, as the office hallways are usually less space than requires by our camera to show-off its skills.

Freestanding Brochure & Magazine Display

In late November we were commissioned to design and manufacture this alluring freestanding brochure & magazine display for one of our clients. After a few sketches and back-and-forthing we decided on concept, material, size and a delivery date. We completed it with three days to spare and smiles were felt through the phone. The most amazing thing about the whole production aspect was; the two departments that spent most time taking it from flat pieces of MDF and acrylic to a standing perfection were so proud of the final piece, they wanted their pictures taken beside it for show-and-tell. We obliged.


Kenmore Water Filtration System Display: SIMPLE, ELEGANT

This simple yet elegant display was designed and manufactured for Kenmore a few years ago. While scanning through our massive collection of images to continue showcasing some of our best pieces, we came across this graceful piece and decided it’s worth sharing.

It was printed on our M-Press Tiger on .25” white sintra and assembled at store level using the fancy instruction sheet we provided.

Leap Frog header for Toys R Us – Printed on our M-Press Tiger

This very colorful eye-catching Leap Frog header was Printed, Manufactured and Installed by Middleton Group Inc. As you can see, this very attractive piece will no doubt enhance the already well designed and freshly launched LeapPad2 presence - See it in Toys R Us.

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