Large Format Graphics: How Big is Big Enough?

When it comes to the size of large format graphics, the sky’s the limit. While a large format piece is generally considered to be anything 3-feet by 5-feet or more, our printing capabilities allow us to create graphics that are much larger.

In the store or out on the street, a sign is only effective if people notice it. When creating impactful signage, you have several tricks at your disposal, including emphasizing key words with colour, including different letter sizes and choosing appropriate fonts.

But you can create all of the eye-catching design elements you want – if the sign is too small, none of these other features will matter. Whether indoors or out, you want your advertising pieces to be large enough for optimum visibility. There’s no question large format pieces can be effective sales tools. But how big is big enough?

How to Size Your Signs

Although there are no hard and fast rules, signs should be sized appropriately for the expected viewing distance. Most large format pieces are viewed from afar. They might be high up on a store wall or seen from a moving car. If a passerby is unable to read a sign quickly and easily, they might just give up trying.

When sizing your large format pieces, consider who is going to be reading your sign and how far away they will be. Will they be on foot or driving a car? It’s a good idea to consider how crowded the area surrounding your piece will be and whether it will be near to any competing advertising. You’ll want your piece to be big enough to ensure that your audience gets your message.

Think about how many words and letters you’re using. As a rule of thumb, you’ll need about an inch of letter height for every 10 feet of viewing distance. So, your viewer should be able to read a 5-inch letter from 50 feet away. Once you know how big your smallest letter should be, you’ll have a better idea of how large the piece must be to accommodate your text and graphics.

Need Help?

Obviously the size of your large format pieces will affect the price. We can help you determine the appropriate size for while working within your budget.

Our state-of-the-art printing equipment means we can print high quality, large pieces in no time at all. Fortunately for our customers, new technology means our limitations are few – we can print on virtually any material, from plastic to vinyl to metal to fabric.

For over 60 years, Middleton Group has been providing North America’s leading brands with quality large format graphics, including wayfinding signs, window and wall signage, banners and retractable banners. Our attention to quality, value, speed and service has earned us recognition as a leading supplier of screen and digitally printed large format graphics.

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