10 More Retail Display Designs We Love From Around The World

As we told you in our previous post 10 Retail Display Designs We Love From Around The Globe, the Middleton Group team is a bit obsessed with retail merchandising design. When we are not busy working for Canada’s top companies, we spend our spare time drawing inspiration from the best of the best in retail displays and signage around the world.

Here are 10 more of our favourite retail display and store designs:

Apple Flagship Stores


Apple lovers will concur - Apple knows great design. An inspiring product should be sold in an inspiring store. Apple’s flagship stores across the globe support the brand’s reputation as a trendsetter in design. Just take a look at the sleek appeal of the San Francisco, Fifth Avenue, Boston and Shanghai storefronts.

Selfridges Jelly Bean Bull Run

Selfridge- Jelly-Bean-Bull-Run-retail-window-display

Most of us don’t need much arm-twisting to indulge in sweets. But if you were tempted to skip the candy section of Selfridges & Co’s Birmingham, England store, the giant jelly bean bull run would surely draw you in. Occupying the store’s atrium, the bull pays tribute to the Bullring shopping centre that it calls home. Selfridges also created a window display featuring men in motion made from thousands of jelly beans.

Selfridges London Rolex Boutique


The Selfridges London store is home to a newly expanded Rolex boutique. The new, larger space features bronze, marble and walnut wood. It conveys a feeling of extravagance that’s only appropriate for this 100-year-old luxury brand of timepieces.

Buttercup Cake Shop


Cupcake shops abound nowadays, but few of them feature decor quite like that of Buttercup Cake Shop in London, England. The store is designed to look like a Shaker-style, hand-built kitchen. Touches of whimsy come from design elements like an oversize drum light with hanging teapots.

Bergdorf Goodman’s Holiday Window


Some of the best store window displays make their appearances at Christmastime. Nowhere is the quest for a perfect holiday window more obvious than in Manhattan. New York’s top department stores engage in a yearly competition to create the most eye-catching window displays. Bergdorf Goodman’s 2009 holiday windows drew favour with their fantastical life-size polar bears and unicorns.

Printemps Karl Lagerfeld Window Display


Speaking of Christmas windows, Chanel came up with a rather hilarious tribute to designer Karl Lagerfeld back in 2011. The windows of Paris’s Printemps flagship store paid homage to the Chanel creative director during the holidays. Eleven windows displayed 60 puppets, a number of them being mini Lagerfelds, dressed in the designer’s distinctive look.

Topshop Monochrome Window Display


There’s only so many ways you can display fashions on mannequins. Or is there? Topshop handles window display design with style. This monochrome display relies on visual interest rather than colour. The precariously stacked chairs capture attention with their height and slight hint of danger.

Coca-Cola Mario and Luigi Display


Sometimes the product itself becomes the display. Check out this impressive display of Coca-Cola products. Together the carefully arranged boxes of pop create an attention-grabbing image of Mario and Luigi. We wonder how long it took them to put that display together!

Fine Wine Displays


Wine bottles all look pretty much the same right? So how do you create a wine store that entices consumers to stay and browse for a while? These wine retailers have accomplished just that. Dutch online wine seller Grapy located its first physical store inside a bookstore. The wine shop integrates wine books and cookbooks with the wine. The wines themselves are displayed in minimalist, crate-like boxes. Simple, clear signage directs buyers to “creamy whites” and “bubbles.”

RIMOWA Retail Design

We’re once again drawing from our own portfolio for this last bit of design inspiration. Don’t fault us, we’re just proud of what we do! Have a look at the retail display design work we recently did for RIMOWA, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of quality luggage.

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